20 November 2017

Simone Venturini

Analytical Chemist and Pharmacist

Simone Venturini is an analytical chemist and pharmacist registered to the order of Pharmacists of Mantua.

In 2009 obtained his PhD in science and technology for food quality and safety “at the Graduate School of agricultural science, technology and biotechnology at the Faculty of Agriculture of Reggio Emilia, presenting a research study on” development methods of mycotoxins’ determination and contaminants in foodstuffs ”

Work experiences within the past ten years:

From 2010 Entrepreneur Nutritech partner srl
From 2010 to now head of quality control and r & d Nutritech srl
since 2012 to date sales manager products to fishing industry

work experience abroad: Japan 2006.2009 Nutritech srl; Spain 2011, 2012; Eastern Europe and Central Africa 2014.2015 2017.

Email: simone.venturini@nutritech.it