20 November 2017

Mario Brignone


Mario Brignone, a degree in political science with specialization in sociology at the University of Milan, is a Director in the Directorate “social cohesion” of the Piedmont region.
Presently coordinating European resources for the region, which intercept projects in the field of labour, Social Affairs and education.
Reportedly he is a “Great fighter but a bad soldier” he loves to experiment outside of work with new things.

President of “Akuadulza”: www.akuadulza.it

Blogger: www.iononperdonoetocco.wordpress.com/

Aquaponic farmer amateur: www.akuaduulza.wordpress.com/

Animator of the buying group “Gasterpoda Lepontine dome” through which we pursue Win-Win “strategies” critical consumer. www.gasteropodalepontino.wordpress.com/