3 March 2017

Edoardo Pantella


Dr. Edoardo Pantanella is a agroecologyst is a world expert in aquaponics and integrated agriculture systems for food security in both western and developing countries. His primary objective is to develop sustainable food production systems with either freshwater or saline water through integrated agriculture-aquaculture and low-input management. Dr Edoardo Pantanella has worked as Project Coordinator for food security and capacity building programs in Myanmar in projects funded by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs in partnership with the Department of Fisheries of the Union of Myanmar. He has been the Manager of the Eureka Experimental Aquafarm and the Aquaponics Farm at the University of Tuscia, Italy where he carried extensive research on aquaponics. As a researcher he optimized the production and quality of fish and plants, with freshwater or saline water and optimized protocols to reduce salt stress in plants. He also worked on system optimization, in assessing optimal plant and fish nutrition ratios as well as in the identification of food safety procedures for commercial aquaponic operations. Dr Pantanella has a wide experience in the design, planning and construction of aquaponics and IAAS worldwide, also with solar energy. He has been the author of a FAO Technical Manual on aquaponics.